Sayan Chanda: They Speak in a Hundred Ways at Commonage

For Commonage, Sayan Chanda has reimagined the space as a sanctum sanctorum in which ceramics and textiles are conjured into otherworldly entities and ageless votive offerings. His works serve as totems, portals and talismans that allude to personal histories and inner monologues. Through the laboured methods of weaving, stitching, dying of fibres and the hand forming and firing of clay, these works have spiritual evocations. The exhibition is Chanda’s first solo exhibition in London and includes two aspects of his practice. Textiles, from the ‘Bohurupee’ and ‘Bhuta’ series, are created using weaving methods and reference Bengali folk masks. They at once conceal and suggest thresholds to alternate beings. Referred to as ‘Shapeshifters’ the ceramics have biomorphic and timeless qualities – ancient relics or futuristic amulets. Chanda has envisioned a contemplative, ritualistic and somewhat foreboding environment that echoes the hymns from multiple tongues.

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