A Retrospect (2012), 64 bound volumes, wood; Tivre (2012), two channel video projection; Prompt (2013) audio work through telephone


Facsimile (2012) projection, screen; Peacock (2013) DVD, monitor, lamp-stand


Presence/Presents, 2012, two channel overlapped projection with audio

Spike, 2014, vinyl floor tape, sound, digital drawings, performance

Words Fly Up, 2010; You Make ‘em, I’ll Amuse ‘em, 2010


A Vague Sensation of being Wanted, 2008; Bildungsroman, 2006

Prentice, 2006; Catching, 2006


Galatea, 2018; It all goes to show what good influence can do, 2009


La Répétition, 2011; I’m crying and everything, 2008



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