Selected Projects

A Retrospect (2012), 64 bound volumes, wood

Tivre (2012), two channel video projection; Prompt (2013)  audio work through telephone

Facsimile, 2012, projection on screen

Peacock (2013) DVD, monitor and  lamp-stand

Presence/Presents, 2012, two channel overlapped projection with audio

Spike, 2014, vinyl floor tape, sound, digital drawings, performance

Words Fly Up, 2010,  projection with audio


You Make ‘em, I’ll Amuse ‘em, 2010, projection with audio

A Vague Sensation of being Wanted, 2008, video with audio


Bildungsroman, 2006, performance

Prentice, 2006; Catching, 2006

Galatea, 2018, projection with audio

It all goes to show what good influence can do, 2009, two channel with audio

La Répétition, 2011, two screen video and sculptural installation


I’m crying and everything, 2008 mixed media installation

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