Jo Duggan: Material at Swiss Cottage Library Gallery

….With an egalitarian approach to materials, Duggan combines recycled and reflective metals with reclaimed wood, cast concrete and moulded plaster to create sculptural constructions through assemblage and juxtaposition. The salvaging of materials, which are often re-appropriated from other artists’ studios, follows in a lineage of postmodernist or Arte povera approaches by reusing humble, everyday and throwaway materials. The structures he has assembled come from multiple references: forms that we encounter through urban/rural architectures; figuration; troupes from art- historical predecessors. These objects and their foundations become metaphors that reveal but also confound any sense of knowing or familiarity. (Extract from text)

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Tim Spooner: A Wave in a Cave at Commonage

….A series of wall-based sculptures that scratch and twitch, investigate kinesics to embody a variety of sensations, revealing anthropomorphic qualities through the combination of alluring elements. In the drawings, which make use of repetition but with slight variation, figuration tussles with hybrid identities and contradictory functions, knotting the familiar with the fantastical, peculiar, humdrum and somewhat macabre.  As Spooner describes: “Each new picture or object was the seed for making the next one so that the process could be self-propelling. The body of work is quite closed in on itself like a bat or echo flapping or bouncing around inside a cave” Extract from Text

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Archives & Identities

Archives & Identities: Panel Discussion, Workshops, Screening and Response. Programmed with New Contemporaries and South London Gallery. The programme will reflect on specific methodologies of how practitioners have used both personal and public repositories to consider their own positions in relation to investigating specific archival material.

Contributors: Panel Discussion: Duncan Campbell, Althea Greenan and Sunil Gupta, chaired by Jo Melvin. Workshops with Sunil Gupta and Jasleen Kaur. Screening by Kobby Adi, Response by Ufuoma Essi

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Now Light, Now Shadowed: Online Screenings

Artists: Atoosa Pour Hosseini, Keifer Nyron Taylor & Rob O’Shea

…Pearls and lights shimmer, destination unknown. Outside blood red turns to noon and awakes from a slumber. Mourning a departure and documenting a life lived, the beat slows down. The film-stock is silent, suggesting obsolescence and reverence. Trailing behind, the sun reveals the stalker’s shadows. A pull and click into focus on the spikes, imprisoned or locked out of an oasis. Now light, now shadowed.


Sounding Out Practice

Sounding Out Practice, Panel Discussion, Workshops, Performances. New Contemporaries, South London Gallery, Camberwell College of Arts, 2019. Photography by Sam Nightingale

Contributors: Emily Bick (writer); Mira Calix (artist/composer); Shiva Feshareki (composer/turntablist); John Macedo (artist); Marijn Ottenhof (artist); Irene Revell (curator/writer); Haroon Mirza (artist); rkss, or Robin Buckley (producer/ DJ/artist); Tim Spooner (artist); David Toop (musician/author)