Taro Qureshi: Real/Fake Footage from The Kali Yaga at Commonage

In a series of landscape paintings, Qureshi uses digital collage to intercept the circular proliferation of images and make a game of how we consume or comprehend their shifting signifiers. Collaborating with neural networks, for some of the source material, Qureshi is attempting to picture the future (good, bad, fucked) using scraps and remnants of half-familiar material. In Hinduism, The Kali Yuga is believed to be the fourth and current stage in the world cycle and often devoid of clarity. One of the driving investigations of Qureshi’s work is “how do you give a picture the impression of reality?’ But this is the Kali Yuga and images are real – or reality is a parade of images. Everything is as real or fake as it claims to be, and so imaginary apocalypses really happen. The rest of this work was a courting of synchronicities”.

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