Scaffold, a group exhibition at The Bomb Factory Art Foundation, that explores issues related to our use of digital technologies and how this engenders a sense of detachment, thus examining how this may lead to manipulating or polarising opinion and sense of self. Works on show will consider how the material disintegration of images and information, of pixilation and surface breakdown, can confound meaning and truth. Kate Fahey’s practice explores embodied experiences with contemporary screen-based, techno-scientific images, reimagining bodily presence in the military’s highly mediated representation of warfare online. Adam Gibney’s works highlight the relationship between scientific uncertainties and the anxious state we sometimes occupy. Jonathan Mayhew is interested in moments when edges blur and ideas of ourselves along with the world around us are ruptured. The artists explore absent bodies, barriers in communication and aim to find a voice within the noise and complexities of digital scaffolds. The exhibition aims to question the function of systems we use to disseminate and consume content in the digital sphere and what happens when these processes are undermined by glitches that can be detrimental in our understanding or interpretation of them.

Exhibition Text

Review of Scaffold