Jealous Wall

This exhibition borrows its title from an architectural construction ‘The Jealous Wall’ which was built in the midlands of Ireland in Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, c.1760. The wall is a celebrated and spectacular folly and was designed as a sham ruin epitomising the eighteenth century interest in Gothic artifice. Using concepts, ideas and themes that the structure, its history and form suggest, the exhibition brings together artists’ practice that explore the baroque, illusion, memory, site and architectonics and features a range of works in various media including installation, video, sculpture and drawing.

Artworks have been selected that suggest and visualize follies, fallacies and artifice in both architectural structures and biological and neurological architectures and systems. Concepts of the anti-monument and subjective or fictional association are juxtaposed with works exploring technological models of classification.  The exhibition included artists: Miranda Blennerhassett, Niall de Buitléar, Janine Davidson, Adam Gibney and David Eager Maher and was curated by Séamus McCormack for the Luan Gallery.

Exhibition Text

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